Seoul Namsan is the official sans serif typeface family of Seoul city. It aims to increase Seoul's identity and brand value, and its design succeeds in evoking the spirit of classical scholars and has beautiful negative spaces. The shapes echo the structure of Hanok (한옥), a traditional form of Korean housing which has beautiful curves in the traditional roof tiles. The family has 4 weights of regular width (Light, Medium, Bold and Extra Bold) and 5 weights of condensed (Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold and Black.) It also has 1 style for vertical writing.

서울남산체는 고딕계열의 서체로, 서울의 고유글꼴로 널리 활용되며 도시정체성과 브랜드 가치를 높여줄 서울서체로 개발되었다. 정체 4종(Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold)과 장체 5종(Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, Black), 세로쓰기 1종으로 구성된다.