Meera Inimai is a san-serif typeface. It is best used as a screen font for body text. It is also useful for body text of printed pamphlets or single page designs. Usage of Meera Inimai can be thought of similar to Latin grotesque sans serif typefaces. The Tamil characters are inherently vertically-elliptical and the Latin is naturally based on this characteristic to smoothly sit with the Tamil component.

Meera Inimai is a free licensed unicode font for Tamil Script. This is designed by Anilan N. G. with typography guidance from Hussain K. H. and linguistic guidance from A. K. M. Kutty. The OpenType features of the font is compiled by Santhosh Thottingal.

The Meera Inimai project is led by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, a free software community in Kerala, India. To contribute, see