Jacques Francois revives the c. 1760 Enschedé no. 811 type specimen by Jacques François Rosart (1714-1774), made for Enschedé Printing House. The concept was to create a contemporary webfont with an even typographic color while preserving the essential historic peculiarities and expanding the character set. Compared to the historic specimen the x-height is generously increased and contrast lowered.

Jacques Francois is designed for medium to small sizes. For this purpose its features were altered: contrast was lowered and x-height significantly increased. Designed by Manvel Shmavonyan, Alexei Vanyashin. Jacques Francois includes old style figures.

There is also Jacques Francois Shadow, an incised variant of the Jacques Francois font.

To contribute to the project contact Alexei Vanyashin.