Gemunu Libre is the Unicode release of the popular Sinhala typeface ‘FM Gemunu.’ With 7 weights from ExtraLight to ExtraBold, each weight has complete Sinhala support, and includes a new Latin typeface for easy bilingual typesetting.

This new libre version has many small improvements and adjustments, made during the unicode adaptation process. More breathing space was introduced with bigger counters and smooth uniformity in the curves. The distinctive smooth curves and square edges set Gemunu Libre apart from all other Sinhala typefaces currently in use. This was perfected by completely redrawing each glyph.

This project is led by Mooniak, a foundry in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Mooniak collaborated with Pushpananda Ekanayake, who designed ‘FM Gemunu,’ and Sol Matas who designed the Latin typeface. To learn more, visit