Enriqueta is a serif typeface designed to meet the technical demands of silkscreen printing. Since that is a grid system, this makes it an excellent candidate for digital display applications too since they are built in pixels.

Its a slab serif type with clear, direct and not so subtle features, that was conceived as a hybrid that takes from the Egyptian style some robustness and strong serifs, and from Roman fonts the proportions and soft humanist tones, resulting in a harmonic and legible typeface for texts.

Enriqueta was selected to be exhibit at Tipos Latinos 2010, fourth Latin-american tipography biennial and to be part of the German editorial project Typodarium 2012.

In July 2019, the family was updated to include Medium and SemiBold styles.

To contribute, see github.com/vv-monsalve/Enriqueta_2019.