Big Shoulders is a superfamily of condensed American Gothic typefaces, created for the Chicago Design System, as well as the citizens of Chicago. The family's tall, sans-serif forms are based in Chicago's multiple histories in railway transport, public political action, and dance.

Big Shoulders, the primary family, is used in the Chicago Design System as the primary typeface to identify Chicago and its citizens. Big Shoulders allows to Chicagoans to speak with one consistent typographic voice.

Big Shoulders Stencil explores Chicago’s histories in work and protest, and is designed to apply the Chicagoan voice to those uses.

Big Shoulders Inline formalizes a local typographic vernacular for celebration, taking its hypnotic inline design from Chicago House parties, and local LGBTQ dance events, a tradition beginning in the early 1980s.

Big Shoulders language support includes full covers of Vietnamese, additional to all Western, Central, and South-Eastern European languages.

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